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Mirror, Mirror On The Wall …

I had a random thought while playing with paint earlier … “I can no longer hide from myself.” It’s as if the more I try to hide, or stay in incognito mode, the more visible I am, the more visible I become.

I get a lot of answers during my writing, painting, and meditating. A LOT. It’s pretty incredible what happens when you free your mind and let the answers come. They seriously want to flow out of me faster than I can keep up!

I made a few intentions at the beginning of 2019 that I shine my light, radiate love, happiness, beauty, warmth. What happened for me during 2019 was incredible. I feel as if I grew so much. I stretched myself by putting myself out there, introducing myself and my art, and being asked to step up. My grief transformed me and what I create with my art. It made me realize just how short life really is and it got me to truly think about my own life. Did I really want to get to the end of my life and ask myself WHY I didn’t do things that I really wanted to do because I got in my own way? Because I was afraid? I decided to be brave, to align with the me that’s brave and has already accomplished the things I dare to do.

I’m now saying “Yes!” when asked to do something that resonates with My Soul. Saying “yes” and letting the “how” figure itself out. Trusting fully that the Universe will catch me and put out a net or allowing my wings to spread when I jump. Being brave. Being ME! Stepping into who I truly am and making no apologies! I asked the Universe to give me these experiences and it’s my responsibility to step up and to step into my purpose.

I am no longer hiding. I’m ready.

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