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Day/Card 39 of 39 … Original …

There is only ONE you. There will never be another you, ever. I heard somewhere that there has been a study where scientists did the math and took into account all the natural disasters, wars, and all kinds of other things and calculated that the odds of YOU being born at the exact moment that you were born, to the exact parents you were born to, with the DNA that you have was 1 : 400,000,000,000! That’s ONE in 400 TRILLION! No joke! That is how rare and unique and special you are. One in 400 trillion!!!

For you to believe that you’re nothing or no one special is a shame! It’s a disgrace to your creator. It’s a disservice to yourself! You and only YOU can give what you have to offer to the world – all your amazingness, all your quirkiness, everything about you! Regardless if anyone has ever done the thing you desire to do, only YOU can do it your way! There are 7.8 billion people on Earth, but only one you. You’re an original!

The “Original” card shows up for you today to ask you to acknowledge everything about yourself! It asks you to not compare yourself to another because there is NO comparison. There’s no need to compete because life is not a competition! Be your own being. Love your originality! Be aware of yourself! Be at peace with who you are and know that what you have to offer us is enough!

This was the card that sealed the deal for me in my oracle card creation course with Justine Sereberin. It was the card that spoke to me the LOUDEST, and it was also the card that gave me the most feedback from Spirit. It’s the last card in my deck. I’ve enjoyed sharing them with all of you! Thank you for letting me share. If you would like a reading, please feel free to send me a DM!


Day/Card 38 of 39 … Expand …

The concept of expanding is lost on some. To “expand” is to grow, to make larger. In terms of our lives, it’s to open up ourselves to more, to realize that our lives are so much more than just what’s on the surface.

You are not just your personal identity which is created in your mind by your experiences. You are your Spirit in your Human Body that grows and evolves with your body, heart, and mind. The fastest way to feel expansion? Be playful. No joke! Remember being a child and playing? Everything was easy because it was fun. And as we got older, we exchanged that playful part of us for seriousness. And what happened? We contracted. Life got “hard,” and we started to force things instead of letting life flow. We lost ourselves to work, and raising a family, we stopped playing.

The “Expand” card comes to you to remind you to PLAY! To laugh, sing, dance, not take life so seriously. When we embody our playfulness, we connect with our Divine Child, and when you do this, MAGIC happens and we expand! Our heart opens. Love flows. Life flows! Now, get out there and PLAY!


Day/Card 37 of 39 … Synchronicity …

I was 14 when I learned of the word “Synchronicity.” The Police came out with their last album named the same, and I scored some amazing concert tickets and went to their concert with my best friend at the time, Salvi. It was such a great concert held at the Aloha Stadium in Hawaii! I knew all the words on that album!

Anyhow, I digress! Synchronicity! I love that word! It’s something that’s all around us, guiding us, leading us on our path to connect with the Divine. It’s the random people you meet, books that literally fall at your feet, words of music lyrics.

It all seems so “random” right? We think that they’re all just meaningful coincidences. But is it? How is it that when you’re thinking of someone you haven’t seen or spoken to In awhile and they call you or show up where you are? Or how is it that you are needing clarity to an important matter and the song lyrics of the song you’re listening to on the radio blurts out so clearly what you need to know?! Or a stranger you talk to gives you some solid advice? It happens a lot to people who are paying attention to things happening in their lives and their surroundings. It happens so much more than you know, but you must be paying attention!

The “Synchronicity” card asks you to start paying attention to the little things, to the things that seem random. You could be anywhere, doing anything when it happens! The Universe works through people, places, and things to align you for your greater good. When you’re paying attention, more things like that will happen for you. Talk to strangers. Follow your gut instinct. Trust that you will be led to meet the right person, be at the right place, at the right time. Good things can and will happen. Also know, too, that you could be that person that someone needs to learn something from! Everyone is always a student or a teacher. Nothing is ever coincidence or random. It was meant to happen! It was meant to be!

“The Vortex!”

Day/Card 36 of 39 … The Vortex …

When you’re in “The Vortex” means that you are in alignment with all that is who you are. You feel enlightened, joyful, passionate, amazing, inspired! You feel as if The Universe and/or God is on your side, opening doors (or shutting them) for you, and leading you to your purpose! Synchronicities happen left and right! And life feels … joyful and easy! The Vortex is a vibrational energy. It’s all that’s good and positive. I know, that sounds so woo-woo and fluffy.

Not too many people are familiar with the vortex. When you’re not in the vortex, life feels as if it’s a struggle, as if you’re trying too hard to make things happen instead of allowing life to flow and unfold for you. When you’re not in the vortex, you’re not of the belief that The Universe or God has your back. You feel alone. You’re likely to feel frustrated, depressed.

When you get the “The Vortex” card, and you’re wondering what it means and how you can get yourself into it, the easiest way is to check how you’re feeling. If you’re happy and joyful, you’re there. When you’re doing things you love and things feel easy, you’re there! If you find yourself excited, lit up, and you’re just having fun … that’s it! If you’re struggling and you feel as if the world is against you, you’re not in it. It’s that easy to get into the vortex – to do the things that light you up, that give you joy, that make you excited! If you’re not doing these these things, ask yourself why you’re not?!? Breathe life into yourself! As long as you’re doing things that light you up, and you’re excited, it’s allowing for your Soul’s evolution! This is the vortex and it’s an amazing place to be!


Day/Card 35 of 39 … Abundant …

You know this scenario … you’re a child being asked to make a choice … Would you like this (candy, toy, etc.), or would you like that? This OR that? You ultimately become conditioned to pick one or the other, despite the fact that you want both because you know better than to argue or cry because if you do, you’d end up with neither. Nothing. Empty handed.

I’m here to tell you that there’s NO reason why you can’t have BOTH. We live in an abundant, limitless Universe, and there is absolutely NO reason why you can’t have this AND that. Too many times we put limits on our wants and desires because of our conditioning. I don’t believe it to be selfish to have your cake AND eat it, too. Or to buy this hot dress AND the other one that looks equally amazing on you. You can go on this vacation AND then book another one to take shortly afterwards. It’s not selfish, it’s actually self-love. It’s believing in your worth and knowing that you are deserving. It’s believing that by you having what you want, you give others permission to also have what they want.

This card “Abundant” reminds you that there is and that there will always be enough for you. There is no reason to feel as if you must make choice of one over the other. It’s time to get out of limited thinking and lack mode. It’s time to believe in your worth and in the abundance of the Universe and take your share! Give the Universe your order and watch it deliver!

“Find A Way!”

Day/Card 34 of 39 … Find A Way …

They say that when you really want something, you will find a way, otherwise you will find an excuse. Where there’s a will, there’s a way, right? How bad do you want it?

When you truly want something, you will find a way to achieve it. I’ve seen one too many times, people who have a goal or a something that they truly desire to achieve or get, but give up before they even start because they believe it to be impossible! To me, that only shows me that you’re not willing to do the work or to find a solution. Finding a way, may require you to get out of your comfort zone, or require you to think outside of the box. It requires you to show up and prove that you’re willing to work for it, rather than just wish for it.

“Find A Way” is a card that asks you to get out of your own way, take that first step forward, and to know and believe that once you take that step, the Universe will rise up to meet you and help you achieve what appears impossible. It asks you to find that place within you where you know that nothing is impossible. Whatever the challenge, find a way. Find a way to make your dreams come true. Find a way to achieve your goals. Find a way to make it happen! You’re the only one standing in your own way.


Day/Card 33 of 39 … Courage …

Two of my favorite quotes read, “Jump and the net will appear.” And “When God leads you to the edge of the cliff, trust Him fully and let go. Only one of two things will happen: either He’ll catch you when you fall, or He’ll teach you how to fly!” Both of these quotes speak to having courage. The author of both are unknown to me. I’d love to give them both credit.

Courage is the ability to do something that frightens you, or strength in the face of pain, grief, or adversity. At one time or another, we’ve all had to muster it up, or to conjure up our inner strength and determination to get through an ordeal or sometimes even just to get through a day. Courage doesn’t always mean fighting, it could also mean knowing when it’s right to stand down. It’s not the absence of fear but the ability to overcome fear when you truly want something bad enough.

The “Courage” card comes to you to remind you that you will always feel fear, and that sometimes you’ll have to feel the fear and do it anyway. And when you do it afraid, it changes you. It makes you feel good because it shows you that you are able to master your emotions. It reveals a greater version of you. Courage asks you to ask yourself: What are you afraid of? Why are you afraid? It it a rational or irrational fear? What’s the worst that can happen? What if you don’t do anything? What’s the risk? Trust that whatever happens, you will be okay. JUMP! What you want is on the other side of fear!


Day/Card 32 of 39 … Perspective …

Wayne Dyer always said, “When you change the way you look at things, the things you look at will change.” This, my friends, is perspective. Perspective, is the way you see see something. It’s a point of view. The way I see something and the way you see something, regardless that we are looking at the same exact thing, will have two different perspectives – mine and yours.

Agree to disagree. Acknowledge the thought process of another. Remember that it’s not about you. Remember that we all come from different backgrounds, have experienced different traumas, have been loved differently. We will not always see eye to eye and that’s okay.

The “Perspective” card reminds you to be mindful of the way you look at life, the situations that you are faced with, the way others react and respond to you. It asks you to remember that what they perceive, how they react, isn’t about you, it’s only a point of view from another’s vision. It asks you to remember that there are multiple – MULTIPLE – points of view that can arise. There’s no need to argue about it because there will be no winner. Come from a place of love, and either ask them to explain so that you are able to see their side and why they feel that way, or so that you can politely say that you appreciate their POV.

“Divine Guidance!”

Day/Card 31 of 39 … Divine Guidance …

To be divinely guided, or to receive wisdom from The Universe, or God, or Spirit. How? You ask, and you keep an open mind.

Guidance from the Divine is ALWAYS available to us. ALWAYS! All you really have to do is ask! It sounds too easy, yes? Because it is. Our Spirit wants to lead us, but it isn’t able to until you ask! Taking time to say a prayer, meditate, being out in and communing with nature, talking to your Spirit Guides or to your Angels are a few ways to connect with the Divine. You ask, release the outcome of “how” the Divine will communicate with you, and you “listen.”

To receive the “Divine Guidance” card is to know and believe that when you ask for guidance, guidance WILL show up. It reminds you to follow the voice within you because it gives you good guidance. It reminds you to “listen,” to notice the signs and synchronicities that appear in your life. Guidance happens when you set your ego aside and create space in your mind to allow the Angels, God, The Universe, your Guides to speak. All you need to be is open! The answers you seek WILL come!


Day/Card 30 of 39 … Reflect …

To reflect can mean different things. For one, like a mirror, you’re able to see your image. On the other hand, to reflect also means to give serious thought or consideration. Reflecting is a way to become aware of yourself, a way to bring you back to yourself. Not to be confused with “thinking too much,” when you reflect, you’re only making yourself aware of you being the observer of your thoughts.

When you mindfully reflect – on the events of your day, on things that occurred, situations, or even on yourself – you’re able to bring yourself back to you, allowing you to come closer to your own body, emotions, thoughts, and spirit. It’s a way to give gratitude for what you have and experienced, to see what drives you, to celebrate your successes, mourn your losses, to say a prayer, or to reframe your state of mind. It’s a way to ground yourself, to shift your perspective, or to reset yourself.

The “Reflect” card asks you to take a moment for self-reflection, to bring yourself back to you. Taking a moment to understand that a moment of quiet allows you to see how whatever situation you’re facing can be given meaning. It asks you to remember that your life is a reflection of the ideas and beliefs that you hold in your heart, and to remember that where you spend time and energy reveal what’s really important to you. It asks you to remember that your inner light reflects what your inner life looks like, and will be reflected in your outer actions.