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“Slow Down”

Day/Card 3 of 39 … Slow Down …

In life, it’s rare these days that anything is slow and deliberate. So many move at a rate that is fast and rushed, and moving at a slower pace is frowned upon and seen as a weakness. Minimal sleep. Multitasking. Fast food. Instant money transfers. Immediate replies via text or email. Everyone seems to always be looking for a shortcut. Everyone wants the answers and not work through the problem. Everyone wants instant gratification! Everything is just now, now, NOW! Like Veruca Salt in Wily Wonka and you know what happened to her!

There’s a discomfort in slowing down. Life already moves at a pace that whizzes by us that we shouldn’t want to add to the speed of this movement. We miss moments when we’re not in them. We miss watching our children grow. We miss the scenery and important conversations. We make mistakes. We stunt our growth and progress when we don’t rest.

When I deliberately slow down my mind, when I deliberately slow down my thoughts, it’s when I can hear myself. I can hear My Soul’s voice come through. I can rest and recover from the onslaught of what the fast paced world wants to throw at me. Live in the moment. Be present. Life isn’t about living so fast because so much can and will be missed, and you’ll find yourself looking back wishing you’d taken the time.

The “Slow Down” card is about taking time to do things deliberately and intentionally. To be present. It’s a reminder that life isn’t a race to be won. The metaphorical “finish line” isn’t one you want to get to so quickly. Rest. Take the time to enjoy the moments, make memories, breathe.

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