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Day/Card 6 of 39 … Surrender …

To surrender, or the act of surrendering, leaves a bad feeing for many. It’s seen as throwing up one’s hands and giving up, however, this is FAR from what surrender actually means. To surrender is to be with what is, to feel it, to allow it, to see things for what they are. It’s not “giving up.” Giving up feels hopeless and like a defeat, leaving one feeling dark, empty, shameful, unaccomplished, like a failure or a loser. Surrendering is a letting go. It feels peaceful and gives one a sense of relief. Surrendering is like taking a break and coming back to whatever it is later. It’s being open for change.

When we surrender, it might feel like giving up, but it’s only a letting go of control. It’s releasing the white knuckle grip that we have on things we really have NO control over. When we surrender spiritually, we surrender to life as it is, not as we want it to be, but to how it is being presented to you. Surrender comes from a place of peace. Giving up comes from a place of fear. Surrender allows for expansion. Giving up causes constriction.

The “Surrender” card comes to you today to remind you that good things can and do happen when you let go. It allows for a relaxation, and when you relax you are able to see things in a different perspective. Things will happen as they are meant to, and when they are meant to – something you can’t see when you’re busy trying to control the outcome. Sometimes something BETTER will appear. There is no shame in surrendering. Let go of the illusion of control. Allow yourself to be open, curious, vulnerable. Things will happen. Life will happen. Turbulence may come, but remember that life isn’t always smooth sailing and that it’s only temporary.

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