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Day/Card 8 of 39 … Worthy …

The definition of “worthy” is someone or something that has desirable qualities and is entitled to respect or attention. Many of us have experienced a time, or two, or three where we have felt as if we don’t really measure up and we think less of ourselves.

For me, it’s easy to see where my feelings of unworthiness stem from. Growing up, I was always made to feel “small.” Crying and showing vulnerability was seen as a weakness. I remember being ridiculed and attacked on more than one occasion for crying over something seemingly small and insignificant, but was important to me. When I was looking to be loved, I was instead made to feel as if my feelings were not important, therefore, I felt invalidated. My thoughts, feelings, opinions didn’t matter. I didn’t matter.
But when you’re small & young, trying to measure up to the unrealistic expectations others have for us isn’t something you understand. Learning to love myself and see my worth wasn’t an easy task.

Here’s what I’ve come to learn about self-worth and being worthy: No one gets to decide that you are or aren’t worthy except for yourself. It’s inherent. I believe that we are born worthy and that we don’t have to do anything or prove anything to anyone for this to be so. The truth is we all have value and we are all important, but most times we base our worth on the unrealistic expectations of others.

The “Worthy” card comes to you today, to remind you that you are already worthy. There isn’t anything more you can do or achieve have more worth because you are already enough. Only you get to decide your worth and you are priceless! Believe it!

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