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Day/Card 18 of 39 … Emotion …

Emotions. We all have them. Feelings or mental reactions to circumstances or events happening in our lives. But sometimes our emotions can get complicated and we may not know how to express them, or what to do with them.

Emotions are a part of who we are. They are neither good, nor bad. They just are. They serve to let us know how we’re being affected by the things going on in and/or around us, and help us to make sense of what to do. It’s when we act out our emotions (mostly the ones that are deemed “negative”) that get us labeled as “too emotional,” or seen as “letting our emotions get the best of us.” Sometimes, when we experience emotional turmoil, it affects our thoughts, moods, relationships, and everything about you, really. It’s important to recognize it, acknowledge it, and to express it in a way that’s not harmful to yourself or others, rather than to deny them.

The “Emotion” card reminds you that emotions are literally “energy in motion.” It reminds you to acknowledge, feel, and move through whatever you’re experiencing. Your feelings ARE important! Expression is important because repression of your feelings and emotions can cause you to become toxic, sick. Love and fear are the only two true emotions; they are our motivators as we only do things out love or fear. If there’s something you need to express, find a way to do it lovingly without compromising yourself.

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