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Hand made cards. Made with love!

Day 3 of 30 of my 30 Days Of Creativity Challenge.

When it comes to creativity, for some, the most challenging part is in getting started. What I’ve learned is that if you wait to feel like it, you won’t ever do it. You just have to start.

I’m a runner so when I think about how to explain just getting started, I think of how much thinking about running makes me not want to do it. I can come up with several excuses before I even get started – it’s too cold, my feet ache, I’d rather stay in bed, blah blah blah. And by the time I’m done making excuses, I could’ve already been done with my run. On the days when I don’t think about it and just get out there and run getting started is hard, but once I get going, it gets easier and I actually enjoy my run.

Creativity is like that. You think about all these things before you even get started – your space needing to be set up, the medium you’ll be using, thinking about what you’re going to do, etc. instead of just starting. Too much thinking can lead to your demise. There are times when I find that I’m having difficulty getting started so listening to music, singing, dancing, just moving helps me to get started. Do something. Do anything. But just start.

Today I made some cards using excess paint. (I hate “wasting.”) I take the extra paint I have, put it on some card stock paper, and hand write a quote on it. Doing this combines my love of art and words which I am able to share. I’ve sent out hundreds of these cards over the last couple years. I love sending out “snail mail.” For me, it’s always a nice surprise to receive something in my mailbox that’s not junk or bills.

If I have your address, I’ve probably mailed you a card or two. If you want one, I make it a point to mail out several every month for birthdays, encouragement, love bombs … DM me your address and you may find one in your mailbox!

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