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Day 16 of 28 Days of Love!

Go big! Do big things!

Today’s love shoutout goes to my Number 3. My Noah.

He’s out in the world, doing BIG things, doing HIS thing. I’m so proud of this one. All he’s wanted is to play ball. Baseball, that’s his dream. He’s in Missouri right now, playing for MBU in scholarship. He graduates this year so it will be fun to see where he heads off to next! (I’m hoping he takes my advice and plays international baseball. How cool would that be?!)

He’s the most quiet of all my children, the one filled with the most passion and angst. He’s an amazing soul and he always surprises me with his sense adventure, his vibrancy, his love, his passion.

Teach your children to not fear adventure or life. Teach your children to love hard and enjoy life. I taught my children to not be like me, but rather to be themselves!

Do your thing, Noah! I love you!

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