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Day 18 Of 28 Days Of Love!

When I was little, I knew two things: I would be a nurse, and I would have 3 sons (the girl was a bonus). So crazy, huh?

They say that you never forget your first love. This is true, especially when that love is your first born. When I birthed my first son, it was the most amazing feeling and the most beautiful experience. To know that I -ME- created, grew, and housed a human in MY body. Creating something and someone that has never been before. Whoa! (Sigh.)

My Samuel was my very first born. He was by all accounts my very first love. I was barely an adult when I had him and I learned a lot with him. I often feel guilt when I think of the past and how it played out. I didn’t feel like a good Mom, and some situations were not ideal, but I did my best, and I am NOT surprised that he is a good human or is as successful as he is.

Aside from his scholastic accolades, he’s an accomplished journalist, and an accomplished WSOP circuit poker player. He’s also a good partner to his girlfriend, Kathy, and a loving fur daddy to Scout and Ranger.

I love all my children the same, I’ve just loved Sam the longest. He’s been through some crazy shit with me and he’s seen me at my worst. I’m truly proud of him and the man he has/is become/becoming.

Creating a human is an amazing thing. Being a mother is not something to be taken lightly. It’s been the most incredible journey and I wouldn’t trade it for anything.

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