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Angel of Healing!

Day 20 of 28 Days Of Love!

I have an affinity and a love for angels. For me, they represent helpers that God sends because he can’t do everything alone. At least that’s what my grandma told me.

As I got older, angels represent a huge part of my spirituality and “team” that have assisted me and guided me throughout my life. My “team,” if you’re wondering, consists of angels, guides, my highest best self (HBS), my own spirit , soul, God, and the Universe. Every morning, without fail, I ask my team what it would like for me to know/do/be/see/say/meet, and I ask for it’s guidance with my intuition and knowing. My Team has never failed me.

I love my little creations of angels that I started making a few years ago. My vision of angels aren’t huge beings. To me, they are simple and uncomplicated. Ready to help when I ask at any time.

My love shoutout for today, goes out to my own team of Spiritual Beings that have helped me, guided me, protected me without fail all the years of my life!

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