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Day 22 Of 28 Days Of Love!

I grew up Catholic, but I quit practicing Catholicism in my early 20s. I believe in God, a Higher Power (HP), The Universe, but felt no need for religion. For one, it was so forced down on me as a child that I literally felt choked by and suffocated by it. I don’t feel that a love for God/HP/The Universe should ever be forced. Secondly, I was taught that God was a judgmental God, one that would decide if you were worthy enough to enter the pearly gates of Heaven. My God is a good god and loves me regardless of my shortcomings and faults.

I am not religious, but I am spiritual. I have several spiritual practices to keep me grounded and connected to source. Like I said, I do believe in God/HP/The Universe. I very much believe that there is someone or something bigger than I am. I believe that with religion there is judgement of self, and with spirituality there is compassion for self.

My everyday spiritual practices, without fail, include meditation and breathing, and writing/journaling my “morning pages.” I’ve since included some creativity as painting or creating has been effective for me in connecting with my Spirit. I love angels and deities and call on them for assistance. I do use oracle cards and tarot, and I love crystals, plant medicine, etc. But for me, spirituality is more about my connection with myself and the spiritual practices that I mentioned is what I use to strengthen that connection.

My love shoutout today goes out to my Spiritual Team: God, The Universe, My Higher Power, My Angels, Guides, My Spirit/Soul, My Highest Beat Self. And also to my daily spiritual practices! I wouldn’t be ME without them!

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