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My Noah’s Steaming Hand in Missouri.

Day 25 of 28 Days Of Love!

Last week there was a cold front that dropped temperatures ridiculously, and delivered tons of snow to parts of the United States that don’t necessarily receive that much snow. Like Texas. Also, it was just C O L D all over. My son sent me a video of him sitting in his car (he lives in Missouri) and he was telling me it was something like -9 degrees! I can’t even imagine.

I’m an island girl through and through. I’m cold all the time, but a couple days ago I was whining it was too hot at 68 degrees. When did this happen. I love shorts, tank tops, and flip flop weather. Lately though I’ve found myself in that exact attire and it’s February. I laugh because I live in California and it’s not really that warm enough yet to be wearing shorts.

My love shoutout today goes to warm weather, island weather, and shorts, tank tops, and slippahs! I miss Hawaii where I’m originally from. I have to also send love to those who have been affected by this coldness and snow. Sending you all love and warmth. I pray that you’re all faring better these days and that it warms up for you!

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