The Soulful Artist

Life. Art. Transcendence.


It’s Sunday and it’s a new month. I’m sitting here in my happy place, painting to my heart’s content! I wrote a piece of happy snail mail that I’m mailing out tomorrow! I hit the local farmer’s market this morning, drank some damn good coffee, ate a delicious pastry, I have no where else to be, no pressing deadlines, and I’m in some comfy, slouchy clothing! Yeah! No, actually, Fuck Yeah!

Call me intoxicated, whatever. Intoxicated from smelling paint and actually being high on life! So, yeah … I’m over here sitting in my little space like the little weirdo that I am, and I’m happy as a clam! (Are clams even happy?)

We should all be high on life and happy as clams. But how? Easy … by following your highest excitements, by doing the things that make you feel like you, that make you happy, that bring you joy. Regardless of what anyone else says, just be YOU! If it’s sitting around on a lazy Sunday in your craziest, comfiest clothing, do that. If it’s sipping coffee reading a good book, do that! If it’s dancing to EDM with your child, do that! Painting, writing, taking a well deserved nap, gardening … whatever it is that brings you JOY, do that!

Let me let you in on a little secret. Okay, well maybe it’s not a secret, but maybe you didn’t know … every moment that you act on your highest excitements, when you’re playing and having FUN (think back to when you were a child), you are embodying the energy of your Soul. It’s so important to be playful. When you’re in this state, you’re more open, you’re more yourself. When you follow what lights you up, you feel more alive, you’re more expansive. It doesn’t matter what it is that you do, just do you. Oh, and if it’s not a “Fuck Yeah!” it’s a “Hell No.”

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