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My Very First Painting – November 2016.

5 years ago on a whim, I purchased tickets to Erin Elizabeth’s Art Alchemy. I remember happening to stumble onto her art studio in Lincoln Center as I waited for my ring to be cleaned at the jeweler’s next door. Her studio was closed that day, but I remember looking through the window and marveling at all of her paintings. I loved them all so much and wanted to buy one. When I Googled her to learn more about her, I learned that she frequently taught classes and I told myself that I would take a class.

That class was 5 years ago today. I cannot tell you how much that class changed me in ALL aspects of my life. My first painting was nothing but a “blue blob” that I named “Despacio,” which means to slow down.

For me, it is in the slowing down that I am able to hear/feel/know my Soul. It is in the slowing down that I am able to find the answers that I am looking for, the peace that I long for, the solitude and stillness that I crave.

Today is my Creativity Birthday! My coming back to self day, my rebirth, my exhale. So much has changed since that fateful Art Alchemy class with Erin. I have grown and evolved and expanded in ways I never believed I could or would! I am living proof that it is never too late, and you can never be too old to become what you might have been! I am so full of gratitude for where this part of my journey has taken me and who it has brought to my life!

Happy 5 Year Creative Birthday to Me!!!

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