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I did this thing! Created my own oracle cards!

My Cards of Self-Realization

These cards are the manifestation come alive birthed from one casual conversation that I had with a friend a couple years ago about my art and how I made them into cards that spoke to the receivers. I didn’t know it then, but it was a conversation which planted a seed within My Soul.

I quietly worked on my art and painting, taking classes here and there, and signing up for masterclasses listening to other artists and soaking up their advice. It was through a master class that I was introduced to Justine Serebrin (@justineserebrin)an intuitive artist and tattooist who I began to follow on Instagram and I would place myself on her mailing list and drop in on her classes here and there and created some amazing things under her direction. Her classes were interactive and fun, and I was always able to connect with a deeper aspect of myself. So when Justine offered an “Oracle Card Creation Course,” of course I would sign up.

Up until the moment I was actually trimming my cards and getting them finished up, I had only brief, fleeting thoughts of how my cards would come to fruition. I trusted the guidance that was being given to me by Justine and believed wholeheartedly that they were already done. For 6 weeks, I worked on them alongside a few others as we collaborated and worked together virtually. What came to fruition is so much better than anything I could’ve thought of! How they were birthed and the information that was received was incredible!

If only I could adequately convey just how much JOY my own set of oracle cards brings to me. I love everything about them . I love way that they feel when I hold them in my hands. I love the energy that they emit. I love my art. I love their messages.

My cards of self-realization. 39 beautiful cards. 39 is the Angel Number delivering the message that is related to my divine soul mission and purpose, reminding me that I am fully supported by My Angels and Ascended Masters!

Beginning today, Saturday, August 1st, and for 39 days, it is my intent to post a card of the day. I’m so excited to share them all with you and the world!

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