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Day/Card 1 of 39 … IMAGINE …

Remember when you were young and you would have imaginary friends, and make you elaborate stories? When did you stop doing this? Who told you that you needed to come back to earth? Stop dreaming? Quit wasting your time?

When I was small, I had a HUGE imagination! I could vividly see things in my mind’s eye. I talked out loud to the “imaginary” people. I wrote out stories and random thoughts on paper. I made lists. I played out some of these visions. But I was told to stop because I had “duties” to do and because I was wasting time and paper. So I stopped. I can only imagine where I’d be today had I been able to continue imagining and dreaming because much of what I envisioned as a child came to fruition.

Your imagination is your first lead in to manifestation. Your imagination is a form of intuition! As children, when we are told to stop being “foolish” by talking to the imaginary and endlessly dreaming, we are not able to build that “imagination muscle,” and we become insecure in our abilities. Like a muscle, the more you work your imagination, the more efficiently it works, the bigger and better the results, and the ease you will have at trusting your visions and inner conversations.

The “Imagine” Card is your permission slip to start using your imagination again! Dream big! Be absurd! Be bold. Talk to your Guides, the Angels, Spirits. Your imagination allows you to visualize things and formulate images or experiences that cannot be seen to help bring them reality. And the more you’re able to do this, the greater your ability will be!

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