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“Go Within”

Day/Card 11 of 39 … Go Within …

Within the deep, silent recesses of your mind, lie the answers that you are looking for to all the questions that you ask. Who am I? What am I doing here? What’s my purpose? You know, “those” kinds of questions. We all have them, but most times we look for the answers externally instead of quieting ourselves, our minds and listening to the still voice that speaks to us from within ourselves. We believe that the answers we want are found outside of us, and we force things to fit the answers that we so desperately want to see only to realize that it wasn’t exactly the answer we were hoping for leaving us still searching. Still questioning. Still hungry. Still feeling lost.

What happens when you go within? What happens when you quiet your mind? Who’s talking? What do you do with all the chatter that comes up? First off, I find that focusing on my breath, my breathing helps me to stay centered. When the chatter gets to be too much, I recognize that it’s most likely my ego talking out of fear and if I allow it, I’ll let it keep talking and stop myself instead of dismissing it and focusing on my breath and continue on. The answers don’t miraculously appear during the times we quiet our minds. Usually, the time we spend going within allows our minds to rest and lets our souls to listen to what our true desires are. The secret is to be open to however your answers will appear. The answers usually appear when you least expect it and you WILL immediately recognize it for what it is!

The “Go Within” card asks you to take a few minutes every day (preferably shortly after waking) – start with 5 minutes and work up to 10 minutes, then 15, etc. it doesn’t have to be a lot of time, but take the time to quiet your mind. Focus on your breath. Make your intentions clear, release the outcome, trust, and be open to however your answers will appear. Remember the the answers will not be immediate. Have patience, give gratitude, and trust. Your Soul knows what you truly desire and you’ll recognize the answer when it appears.

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