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Day/Card 12 of 39 … Trust …

To trust is defined by Google as having a firm belief in the reliability, truth, ability, or strength of someone or something. For me, this “someone” or “something” is God/The Universe. And, no, I don’t believe that it means that your life will be easy, or that you will get everything you want, or that everything will go your way. Far from. For me, to trust means to understand that anything and everything that happens – good, bad, ugly – happens for a reason. It happens for the greater good, for my good.

To get to this place though isn’t an easy task. Even though I understand, I am human and at times I do still get angry and upset and question “Why?” It’s hard to believe in a good God and/or The Universe at times when truly horrible things are happening all around me and even to me. I do understand that what I experience is temporary and I’m fortunate to be able to see the bigger picture and let it go, but it’s not as easy all the time. Things happen FOR us, not to us, and trusting that we are being led to greater things at times is difficult.

I do trust that I am guided, and protected. I also trust that I am exactly where I am meant to be at any given time. I trust that I am loved. I trust that when I jump a net will appear.

The “Trust” card asks you to look at what you’re doubting. It asks you to look at what in your life you see as not working in your favor and ask yourself what is it that you believe about the situation. Are you afraid to leave your job? Relationship? Do you believe you’ll always be in debt? Broke? Does a black cloud seem to always follow you? Trusting requires you to be observant of what’s happening in your life and to know that you are being led toward greater things. Trust implicitly that all is well, that all is good, that you’ll be okay.

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