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Day/Card 14 of 39 … Multidimensional …

At any one given time, there are multiple versions of us that exist in time and space. You are more than meets the eye. Much more than just your body. More than your Soul. You’re an integral part of the Universe, present on many levels of reality simultaneously, and you are so much more powerful than you have ever imagined yourself to be.

Higher-Self • Other-Self • Parallel-Self • Probable-Self • Past-Self • Future-Self • Quantum Realities

I believe that very often we live in several dimensions at the same time. You may have heard the expression, “We are spiritual beings having a human experience.” What that means is that we are more than just our physical bodies. It means that we are pure awareness temporarily inhabiting a human body in order to develop our consciousness. Before we appear in the physical, we project our consciousness into a multitude of layers of existence and a range of vibrational frequencies. We are the same being existing in these multitudes of layers or dimensions.

I believe that we are beings whose souls are capable of experiencing all possible and probable life paths in parallel. I believe that we are capable of calling into our reality that which we desire to experience. I believe that there are parts of us that know that which we wish to be/know/experience and that all we need to do is tap into that part of ourselves. You’ve experienced this in the form of deja vu, or how you just know things even though you’ve never done it before. Or have you?

The “Multidimensional” card shows up for you to remind you that you are MORE than just your human self. It’s a reminder that there are so many other versions of you that exist, and that you are far more capable and far more powerful than your own self-perceptions. You only have to tap into that part of you that you wish to experience.

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