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Day/Card 15 of 39 … Self-Catalyst …

Catalyst: An event or person sparking a change. A catalyst can be something you experience, words spoken by someone, a book, a movie, an event … it’s something that causes you to take action, that alters your life some how in some way. Often times, though, that spark, that inspiration isn’t there and you get tired of your own BS. YOU, then, must become your own catalyst! You must set your own self on fire!

Life doesn’t always place inspiration directly in your path. Sometimes you get so caught up in the daily routine of life that you don’t notice that it’s become mundane until you wake up one day depressed, angry, or feeling very “off.” You go through motions every day that you miss the signs, and find that you’re living but not feeling alive. You know that change needs to be made, and you hope, wish, and pray that that something will happen … Here’s the thing, if it doesn’t come, you have to realize that YOU will have to be the one to decide to make the change. Nothing will happen until you realize this. Life will keep giving you the same mundane daily routine.

Whatever it is that you want – a different outlook, to change your body, get a degree, a new job, etc., – if you really want it, you will find it within you to do something about it and change your life, or you will find an excuse to why things aren’t changing and your life will remain the same. You have to be willing to do something different, make that necessary change, decide that it is that important to you.

The “Self-Catalyst” card asks you to decide what you really want? How important is it to you? How BAD do you really want it? Are you okay with how your life is, or is a change truly necessary because you cannot continue to live the way you’re living anymore? What is it? Are you willing to be your own catalyst, light that proverbial match under your ass and set yourself on FIRE?!? Remember that fire is a symbol of love. Fire is an unpolluted creative energy. It will not burn you so go ahead and light yourself up!

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