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Day/Card 16 of 39 … Celebrate …

To many, celebrations are for milestones and accomplishments. Happy occasions such as birthdays, graduations, births, marriages, retirements, promotions, etc. But what about the little things? The mini-milestones and seemingly insignificant accomplishments? I believe that they, too, are important and should also be celebrated. What about life in general? The fact that you awakened and opened your eyes this morning, or your ability to breathe … They for sure are celebration worthy in my book!

Life is a gift. One that should not be taken for granted. Our time here on Earth as Humans is short. I think of the times I was pregnant with my children (I have 4) and how excited I was. I remember thinking that it was such a miracle to have created life, and to have been blessed to carry and grow my life miracles. My Children are for sure my greatest, best, most prized, most loved creations ever and I am so very thankful and grateful for them every day. My children are truly my greatest gifts of life, and I am also a gift.

The “Celebrate” card asks you to ask yourself, “Do you enjoy your gift of life?” It asks you to look beyond the normal things we celebrate and asks you to ask if you celebrate yourself. Do you love each day to the fullest, or were you too wrapped up in your head, stressed? Or were you zoned out on the internet? The thing is, you don’t want to reach a point where you start regretting how you spent your time. It’s so limited and so precious. You don’t want to get to the end of your life and wish you did things differently. Celebrate every breath, every milestone, every waking moment. You have been given this INCREDIBLE gift and it deserves to be celebrated. You deserve to be celebrated. Every little thing deserves to be celebrated. Take a moment everyday to sing, dance, laugh, play, and to remember that you are a gift!

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