The Soulful Artist

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Day/Card 20 of 39 … Alignment …

Aaaahhhhh … Alignment! When everything appears to line up and flow with ease and grace. It’s a connection to something bigger than yourself, a higher power, to Source. Maybe for you that’s God, or The Universe. It’s trusting that everything is happening for your good. Synchronicities seem to occur frequently and ease.

Alignment is essentially you in your beautiful human form, connecting to you in your magnificent Spirit/Soul form as you forge your way on your life’s path here on Earth, or your destiny. Whew! That’s a lot of “woo-woo.” Life appears easier, you don’t have to have anything figured out. When you’re not in alignment, you feel “off” or stuck. There’s a feeling of disconnection, depression, or anxiety. You might feel as if you’re forcing life, instead of flowing. Life feels hard when you’re not in alignment.

The easiest ways to get into alignment? For one, Gratitude! The more you appreciate what you have in your life, the more you will receive. There must also be the belief that Your God/The Universe desires for you to be happy, and that it’s keeping you safe and protected. Meditation also helps to connect with source. And get excited! Life does feel easier when you operate from a state of joy and happiness! Laugh! Play! These are just a few ways to get into alignment.

The “Alignment” card reminds you that you’re never far away from your connection to Source, and to the abundance and goodness of the Universe which is our birthright! Take time to jot down what you are grateful for every day. Giving thanks gives you more things to be thankful for. Acknowledge your God/ the Universe. Meditate a few minutes daily to connect with yourself. Lastly, take time to laugh, and play, and get excited about your life and watch just how fast alignment happens for you!

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