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Day/Card 23 of 39 … Ascend …

To ascend is to go or move upward. To rise. The act of moving to a higher or more powerful position. To ascend as a human, is to reconnect to your soul, to realign with your Divine, Highest, Best self. It doesn’t mean that your physical body rises up towards the heavens, or that you have to to experience death to ascend, rather, to me, it’s more of bringing Heaven down to Earth.

I know, this is sounding crazy. Too much. To ascend while you’re here on Earth, alive, is about evolving your human consciousness by awakening your heart, and spirit, and your inner knowing.

The “Ascend” card is a special card. You are being asked to level up and to take the next steps on your own evolution. Note it’s purple color. It’s my favorite color! Of all colors, purple has a very high vibration frequency. The combination of blue and red which make purple, helps to promote our spiritual growth, imagination, creativity, love, and is known to be associated with transformation. The Ascend card asks you to quietly sit and to breathe in your divine knowing. Make the intention to connect with your Highest and Best Self and ask it to remove or transmute anything and everything standing in the way or blocking you from ascending. Imagine the color purple surrounding you, enveloping you, eventually turning into a white, loving, healing light connecting you with the Divine, showing you a your own light, and illuminating your path before you for your Highest Good, and for the highest good of all.

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