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Day/Card 22 of 39 … Gratitude …

Gratitude. We are frequently asked to give gratitude for everything. There’s nothing wrong with that, but if you think about it, are you truly grateful? Or do you just go through the list of platitudes? Are you placating a generic list? Are you thankful for not for the things you get, but also for the little things you give no second thought about? Your breath & your ability to breathe. Clean air. Walking. Home cooked meals. Shining stars. The warmth of the sun. Little, inconsequential things we take for granted.

Gratitude practiced daily, can shift your perspective on everything you experience in life. Along with that shift, practicing gratitude adds more joy and appreciation to what you do experience, as well as aligning and opening you up to the divine flow of abundance!

The “Gratitude” card, shows up for you today, to take a moment to notice and acknowledge the little things around you and to give thanks for little things you would normally take for granted. Your relationships. Your ability to see. Playing with your child. A random smile by a random stranger. Life! Giving gratitude bestows more things for you to be grateful for!

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