The Soulful Artist

Life. Art. Transcendence.


Day/Card 25 of 39 … Radiate …

When you radiate you emit your own energy, sending out your personal waves and rays, your own personal vibration! It’s the energy generated by your own inner-self, your Soulful self, your Soul! Your energy IS palpable – others are able to feel whatever your vibe is that you emit.

Your inner light is your birthright! It’s your innate essence! You are a luminous light and the outer light that you radiate reflects your inner world and is able to be seen and felt by all! Your light flickers, dances, blazes, or fades depending how you show up.

The “Radiate” card comes to you today to remind you to open yourself up to the infinite light of the Universe! Remember that you are a spark of Divine Creation and love – how cool is that? Check your vibe! By shining your light, you light the path for others and allow them to also be proud to shine their own light! Never be afraid to shine your light! Remember that the sun does t care if it burns anyone, it just shines in all its glory for everyone to see and enjoy!

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