The Soulful Artist

Life. Art. Transcendence.


Day/Card 26 of 39 … Emerge …

For years – YEARS – I’ve remained hidden. Quietly living my life, working, doing my own thing, raising my children, comfortably and happily in the confines of my own home and with the people I love the most. I dubbed myself “anti-social” and really, just kept to myself, blending into the wallpaper, camouflaging myself, inconspicuous. Calling attention to myself only meant asking for trouble so it was always better to stay disappear and stay hidden.

I always thought I was doing a good job hiding except on more than one occasion, someone would mention how even though I was small in stature, that my Soul, my Spirit deemed and revealed otherwise … Here I was thinking I was well hidden, but my own Spirit/Soul was out there making me out big as day! Thanks a lot, Spirit, for calling me out and giving me away!

That’s the thing, you really can’t hide. Your Soul knows and it will continue to call attention to you unbeknownst to your human self! That’s why the “Emerge” card comes to you today, to ask you to break out of your shell, out of your cocoon and to come into full view for everyone to see and bask in your glory! It asks you to get out of your own way, to expose your greatness, and unveil your beauty! It asks you to now be conspicuous and clearly visible because the world needs you!

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