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Day/Card 29 of 39 … Resilience …

When you’re able to get back up after life delivers you some kind of crazy, unexpected blow and knocks you down and come back even better than before … that’s called resilience.There are times in our lives when we’ll be faced with defeat, disappointments, failure, or be let down … it’s inevitable that there will be these times in our lives where we’ll feel as if it’s too much and for a period of time we won’t feel like doing anything except wallowing in our frustration, sorrow, or whatever. The thing is, we can’t stay in this place. It’s important to get back up and get back out there and get on with our lives.

Challenges in life will happen. No one is spared of life’s challenges, we’ll all experience something that’s meant for us to grow from. Challenges arise to help in our evolving as a Soul. What helps us to deal with the stuff that life throws at us is resilience. There are several ways to build resilience. It’s not just a matter of “getting over it.” Building resilience is like building muscle, you have to work at it. Having faith. Reaching out to others. Looking at the situation from a different perspective. Keeping physically healthy. Talking it out. Having patience. Meditating. Praying.

The “Resilience” card comes to you today to remind you that you are capable of far more than you believe yourself to be. The very fact that you’re here today is proof that up until now, you have survived some hard things in life. Life is unpredictable and it will forever be filled with challenges. It’s important to feel what you’re feeling, learn from the difficulty, and to move forward. Resilience reminds you to be even a little bit optimistic and to remember that you are always guided and protected by a Higher power!

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