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Day/Card 30 of 39 … Reflect …

To reflect can mean different things. For one, like a mirror, you’re able to see your image. On the other hand, to reflect also means to give serious thought or consideration. Reflecting is a way to become aware of yourself, a way to bring you back to yourself. Not to be confused with “thinking too much,” when you reflect, you’re only making yourself aware of you being the observer of your thoughts.

When you mindfully reflect – on the events of your day, on things that occurred, situations, or even on yourself – you’re able to bring yourself back to you, allowing you to come closer to your own body, emotions, thoughts, and spirit. It’s a way to give gratitude for what you have and experienced, to see what drives you, to celebrate your successes, mourn your losses, to say a prayer, or to reframe your state of mind. It’s a way to ground yourself, to shift your perspective, or to reset yourself.

The “Reflect” card asks you to take a moment for self-reflection, to bring yourself back to you. Taking a moment to understand that a moment of quiet allows you to see how whatever situation you’re facing can be given meaning. It asks you to remember that your life is a reflection of the ideas and beliefs that you hold in your heart, and to remember that where you spend time and energy reveal what’s really important to you. It asks you to remember that your inner light reflects what your inner life looks like, and will be reflected in your outer actions.

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