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Day/Card 32 of 39 … Perspective …

Wayne Dyer always said, “When you change the way you look at things, the things you look at will change.” This, my friends, is perspective. Perspective, is the way you see see something. It’s a point of view. The way I see something and the way you see something, regardless that we are looking at the same exact thing, will have two different perspectives – mine and yours.

Agree to disagree. Acknowledge the thought process of another. Remember that it’s not about you. Remember that we all come from different backgrounds, have experienced different traumas, have been loved differently. We will not always see eye to eye and that’s okay.

The “Perspective” card reminds you to be mindful of the way you look at life, the situations that you are faced with, the way others react and respond to you. It asks you to remember that what they perceive, how they react, isn’t about you, it’s only a point of view from another’s vision. It asks you to remember that there are multiple – MULTIPLE – points of view that can arise. There’s no need to argue about it because there will be no winner. Come from a place of love, and either ask them to explain so that you are able to see their side and why they feel that way, or so that you can politely say that you appreciate their POV.

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