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“Divine Guidance!”

Day/Card 31 of 39 … Divine Guidance …

To be divinely guided, or to receive wisdom from The Universe, or God, or Spirit. How? You ask, and you keep an open mind.

Guidance from the Divine is ALWAYS available to us. ALWAYS! All you really have to do is ask! It sounds too easy, yes? Because it is. Our Spirit wants to lead us, but it isn’t able to until you ask! Taking time to say a prayer, meditate, being out in and communing with nature, talking to your Spirit Guides or to your Angels are a few ways to connect with the Divine. You ask, release the outcome of “how” the Divine will communicate with you, and you “listen.”

To receive the “Divine Guidance” card is to know and believe that when you ask for guidance, guidance WILL show up. It reminds you to follow the voice within you because it gives you good guidance. It reminds you to “listen,” to notice the signs and synchronicities that appear in your life. Guidance happens when you set your ego aside and create space in your mind to allow the Angels, God, The Universe, your Guides to speak. All you need to be is open! The answers you seek WILL come!

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