The Soulful Artist

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“The Vortex!”

Day/Card 36 of 39 … The Vortex …

When you’re in “The Vortex” means that you are in alignment with all that is who you are. You feel enlightened, joyful, passionate, amazing, inspired! You feel as if The Universe and/or God is on your side, opening doors (or shutting them) for you, and leading you to your purpose! Synchronicities happen left and right! And life feels … joyful and easy! The Vortex is a vibrational energy. It’s all that’s good and positive. I know, that sounds so woo-woo and fluffy.

Not too many people are familiar with the vortex. When you’re not in the vortex, life feels as if it’s a struggle, as if you’re trying too hard to make things happen instead of allowing life to flow and unfold for you. When you’re not in the vortex, you’re not of the belief that The Universe or God has your back. You feel alone. You’re likely to feel frustrated, depressed.

When you get the “The Vortex” card, and you’re wondering what it means and how you can get yourself into it, the easiest way is to check how you’re feeling. If you’re happy and joyful, you’re there. When you’re doing things you love and things feel easy, you’re there! If you find yourself excited, lit up, and you’re just having fun … that’s it! If you’re struggling and you feel as if the world is against you, you’re not in it. It’s that easy to get into the vortex – to do the things that light you up, that give you joy, that make you excited! If you’re not doing these these things, ask yourself why you’re not?!? Breathe life into yourself! As long as you’re doing things that light you up, and you’re excited, it’s allowing for your Soul’s evolution! This is the vortex and it’s an amazing place to be!

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