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Day/Card 37 of 39 … Synchronicity …

I was 14 when I learned of the word “Synchronicity.” The Police came out with their last album named the same, and I scored some amazing concert tickets and went to their concert with my best friend at the time, Salvi. It was such a great concert held at the Aloha Stadium in Hawaii! I knew all the words on that album!

Anyhow, I digress! Synchronicity! I love that word! It’s something that’s all around us, guiding us, leading us on our path to connect with the Divine. It’s the random people you meet, books that literally fall at your feet, words of music lyrics.

It all seems so “random” right? We think that they’re all just meaningful coincidences. But is it? How is it that when you’re thinking of someone you haven’t seen or spoken to In awhile and they call you or show up where you are? Or how is it that you are needing clarity to an important matter and the song lyrics of the song you’re listening to on the radio blurts out so clearly what you need to know?! Or a stranger you talk to gives you some solid advice? It happens a lot to people who are paying attention to things happening in their lives and their surroundings. It happens so much more than you know, but you must be paying attention!

The “Synchronicity” card asks you to start paying attention to the little things, to the things that seem random. You could be anywhere, doing anything when it happens! The Universe works through people, places, and things to align you for your greater good. When you’re paying attention, more things like that will happen for you. Talk to strangers. Follow your gut instinct. Trust that you will be led to meet the right person, be at the right place, at the right time. Good things can and will happen. Also know, too, that you could be that person that someone needs to learn something from! Everyone is always a student or a teacher. Nothing is ever coincidence or random. It was meant to happen! It was meant to be!

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