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Day 5 of 30 of my 30 Days Of Creativity Challenge.

I talk to a lot of people about their passions and creativity. It’s not really what you think. I’m a Nurse by profession so I talk a lot as a distraction when I’m doing unpleasant things (giving injections, starting IVs, etc.). What I’ve learned is that a lot of people have forgotten their creative side, or they use the excuse that they don’t have the time to pursue the things that light them up.

My creative practice is usually under 30 minutes when I’m strapped for time. When I’m not pressed for time, I am able to devote as much time as I desire. The excuse of, “I don’t have time,” doesn’t really fly with me when I know many people who scroll through IG and FB for hours – HOURS – at a time.

I also hear people balk when they tell me that 15-30 minutes isn’t enough time to accomplish anything. I’m hear to show you that my little creations for today was 30 minutes max, then I even went for a run afterwards and still got a nap in before I head off to work.

15-30 minutes a day IS enough time. These little “micro-sessions” are commitments with yourself to make the most of what you can with whatever time you have. Don’t discount the amount of power these little pockets of time can have. As humans we thrive on creative flow. It’s how our brain plays and like I posted yesterday, it has very similar benefits as meditation.

My 2 little micro-paintings today are both 4”x6”. I have a whole slew of these little micro-paintings. I love them so much. They’re fun and easy.

Listen, you don’t need a bunch of supplies. You don’t need paint, or canvases. You don’t need a huge space. Markers and a meditative coloring book. Pencil and paper for mindless doodling. Journaling only requires your journal and a pen. You only need to carve out the time. So … no excuses. Do this for yourself.

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