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Shape Shifter


Transmute (original)!

Day 6 of my 30 Days of Creativity Challenge.

Making art is hard. It’s a challenge that when coupled with self-doubt it makes for a disastrous outcome. Paintings and works left undone, forgotten. Self-criticism is rough. But if we look through a wide angle lens versus a macro lens you’ll see it from a different perspective and you may find beauty in what you’re creating.

My painting today, was initially a painting that I attempted to copy from another, however, I didn’t find it very good so I buried it in a box (swipe to see it, it’s the second photo). I pulled that painting out today and repurposed it. That’s the thing about painting, if you don’t like it you’re not happy or satisfied you’re not obligated to keep it as it is. It’s only paint. My intent was to keep things light and joyful, so … I finger painted over it. Finger paint.

We are more than what’s initially placed on a canvas. We’re allowed to change, and transform, and transmute. We all have the ability to shape-shift. We all have the ability to create our realities and our future. We only meed to be brave enough to do so.

She who is brave, is free …

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