The Soulful Artist

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Magic Wands

Day 8 of my 30 Days of Creativity Challenge.

Magic wands for the extension of my own magic! And a little potpourri for my creative space. (There were NO owls harmed in the making of these wands.)

The spiritual and mystical side of me surprisingly comes out more and more everyday. Where I’ve hidden myself before out of fear and what would happen when people find out, this time I’m leaning into the discomfort, and into the things that light me up. I trust that I’m being led to expansion as I share my creativity and passions. It’s been incredible to share my gifts with others, and I’ve been led to people who accept me as I am and help me as I navigate this journey.

Living a creative life calls for authenticity. It’s following that which brings you joy, what makes you tick, what gives your soul life. It’s about saying “Fuck Yeah!” when you’re excited about something and not settling. It’s about listening to your intuition.

If what you’re doing is not a “Fuck Yeah!” then it’s a “Hell No!” and that’s not what you want. You want to be fueled by what freakin’ lights you up. It’s likened to feeding your body fast food instead of a gourmet meal, or putting regular gas in your car’s gas tank when you know you need Premium Plus for it to run well. Look within and listen to the still small voice that speaks, that gets excited when it’s right, and shrinks and balks when it’s not for you.

Life is too short to settle and to not do the things that light you up. Have fun. Pay attention to what you give your time to. Make sure you’re not wasting it scrolling.

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