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Spirograph Art!

Day 10 of my 30 Days of Creativity Challenge.

Who remembers Spirograph?!? Ugh! So. Much. Fun! So many memories! I remember getting my first one. I remember I was with my Grandma at the GoodWill store in San Francisco when I saw it and I begged her to please get it for me! It was AWESOME! And I spent hours and hours creating with that that thing. It was the older one so it’s the one that had the pins to hold it down!

I bought a newer version a few years ago for my children and that’s the one I use today. It still elicits the same joy within me and it’s still fun.

That’s the point of this challenge! To have FUN! To stimulate your joy muscles. Creating isn’t meant to be difficult. Making art isn’t about making products, if it does, bonus, but honestly, it’s about getting you back to that place where you feel joy, where you can Scribble or color or doodle to your heart’s content as you did when you were a child.

Your Spirit thrives on joy. Your Spirit operates from a place of joy. You may remember how easy it was for you to create when you were a child as you laughed, played, ran, colored, joked. We lost a lot of that child-like joy as we got older, but it’s still possible to evoke our playful selves to emerge. How? By evoking the spirit of play!

Enjoy your time. Enjoy your creative spirit. Let your inner child come out and PLAY!!!

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