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Tangible Love.

Day 29 of my 30 Days of Creativity Challenge.

It’s hard to believe that the days have flown by. We’re well into the last few days of the month, of my little challenge. I’ve learned a lot about myself – some things never really change, same but different. Take my love for sending out mail.

I have ALWAYS been one who love receiving mail addressed to me. When I was a youngster I had penpals and we wrote frequently, and I was a military brat, moving frequently so I made a lot of friends. People rarely write anymore, let alone send out letters. But, me, I still love it, and I still send out cards just because, and for birthdays, and whenever I feel a hit to send one out. I love sending out tangible love – something that people can read over and over and recall feeling loved and cherished.

My favorite holiday is coming up. Valentine’s Day. I know it’s a cheesy holiday, but I love it because I like hearts ♥️💙💜 and just letting people know that I love and care about them. So I made a few Valentine cards to mail out in a couple weeks.

Here’s the thing … there’s a ripple effect that happens when you transfer what you feel in your heart to another. My hope is that when the recipient of my tangible love feels the love emanating from my hand painted, handwritten note that they take that love and send it out into the World, and the recipient takes the love they feel and sends it out, and that recipient takes the love received and sends it out, etc., etc., etc., and it multiplies over and over and over. Exponential! Maybe if we all just took a moment to let each other know that we cared, the world would be a better, kinder, gentler place to live.

Send out some love. 💗💗💗

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