The Soulful Artist

Life. Art. Transcendence.

Day 30 of my 30 Days of Creativity Challenge.

The last 30 days have flown by. Just … F L E W! Incredible! Today is the last day, although in many ways today is just the beginning.

It’s been an incredible day of painting and creating. I love it when I have days with no agenda. I love being able to just relax and be where I am.

In the last few months, I’ve made some huge changes in my life to make more time to follow my highest excitements, to do more of the things that light me up. What I once believed was my mess, has become my message. (Insert E X H A L E here.)

In the world of Human Design, I am a Generator. It’s my nature to do the things that light me up. It is my nature to follow my highest excitements. It’s my nature to use up ALL of my energy and to exhaust myself doing these things! When I’m in flow, when I’m over here shining my L I G H T … When I’m all LIT UP … My energy is palpable. My energy spills over. My energy has the possibility to light YOU up also!

I’ve been in flow! I’ve been enjoying myself, loving my time and space. I give so much of myself and this time here in my creative nest is MY time. It’s my time to restore and replenish. And it brings me such joy.

I’m thinking of another challenge to do for February. Maybe something that focuses around love since it’s the month of love. Eh, who knows? There are so many options. I have a lot running through my brain. One day to think about it and come up with a plan!

Until then, enjoy all my creations for today! By now, you can probably tell what my favorite colors are – blues, teals, purples. I got so much done today as I listened to podcasts and music. My heart is happy. As it should be.

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