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Day 2 of 28 Days Of Love.

I won’t lie, Valentine’s Day is my favorite holiday. Yea, I know, but I’m a Libra and I’m a sucker for being in love, and I love hearts ♥️💜💙💛, love notes, and professions of love. It’s my favorite because I can give love without feeling awkward and without others getting weirded out.

When I was little, I loved filling out Valentine’s cards for my classmates and delivering them, and I loved getting them in my Valentine’s box.

I spent today cutting out little hearts from “scrap” paintings and it brought back a little nostalgia. I was in first grade when I remember learning about Valentine’s Day. I remember my teacher, Mrs. Corpus, explaining it to us and how excited I got.

I cut out hundreds of little hearts today. They say our bodies carry memories, and I believe that the muscle memory of cutting out all those little hearts is what brought back the memory of my beloved teacher, Mrs. Isabel Corpus. She was such positive force in my life. I remember she stood up for me, she told me I was smart, and that I could do anything. She was always telling my mom what a good student I was. She made me want to always do better and to love harder.

She’s probably long gone by now, but I never forgot her and her love and kindness towards me. I hope she is resting in love! Thank you, Mrs. Corpus of Woodstock Elementary School, Alameda, CA.

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