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Day 3 of 28 Days Of Love! ♥️

Some days you’re just over here minding your own business, doing your thang, staying out of trouble, and trying to keep to yourself … and some days you find yourself wondering what the heck just hit you?!?

I’m pretty sure that’s what my BFF Joan was thinking on that very first day of 8th grade as she was minding her own business and I plopped myself down in the seat in front of her and started jabbering away! There was an instant attraction to her, as if I already knew her somehow.

Over the YEARS, we have been apart more than we’ve been together, but my love for my Soul’s Twin has remained constant. She has been my BFF, my confidant, shown me grace, and loved me throughout. We’ve been through thick and thin, from the days of letter writing, and rotary phones, to now. When we get together it’s as if no time has passed and I still love her more than words. She seriously did not know what hit her when I sat down in that chair in front of her, but her friendship has meant more to me than I could’ve ever imagined.

Kind of like my little heart creations. It was such a simple idea that hit me, and what came of them is so much better than anything I could’ve imagined! They’re so cute and so much fun, and just love them! I don’t think I’ve ever had so much fun creating anything.

For you, Joan … thank you for loving me and for being my friend. It’s crazy how me taking the chance to sit in front of you would lead to a friendship that has spanned years! I love you much!

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