The Soulful Artist

Life. Art. Transcendence.

Day 6 of 28 Days of Love.

Life is messy, imperfect, crazy. Sometimes, you’re in the thick of it and you think you’ve fucked it up and you just want to trash it all, start over, reset.

Then someone gives you a fresh perspective on the situation, on life. There’s always a bigger picture, a different POV, something you haven’t seen.

We all need people like this in our lives. People who can hold space for us and accept us for who we are. People who will remind you of your goodness and tell you that you’re okay, that you matter.

Friendship is a funny thing. You seek out a person, or they seek you out, you think they look “safe,” and you say “Let’s be friends.” This is what happened with my unlikely friend, Linda. She literally cornered me when I wasn’t expecting it, and there was NO escape. She picked me. I wasn’t looking for anything, I was just over there minding my own business, and she ambushed me. I still remember the day.

That was over 20+ years ago now, and to say that she grew on me is an understatement. I call her my unlikely friend because she was so unexpected, someone I didn’t know I needed in my life.

To say I love her doesn’t cover it. She has been my rock, my person, my go-to. She has pointed out my good and held me up when I’ve wanted to crumble. Like my painting that I think is scrap material, she points out my worth, my good, strong parts. She offers me a different perspective and POV. I am so thankful for my unlikely person.

And as for my little watercolor … I’ll let it sit for a while. Eventually, I’ll pick it up and paint over it and give it a fresh perspective. For now I’ll send it love and keep practicing self-kindness and extend myself the grace that I am worthy of.

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