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Day 7 of 28 Days Of Love.

We often don’t think of all the little things that people do for us as “love.” We think of big things, romantic things, but the little things often times get over looked. Things like the way your daughter knows your coffee order. How your best friend will send you a random text to remind you of something funny. How the cashier at the store asked you about your bracelet and commented on it. How your husband warms up your car and cleans off the windows when it’s cold outside. How your co-workers answers a call light for you when you’re busy with another patient. Little things.

Every morning I start my day with my morning pages and my gratitude list. It’s a spiritual practice that I have been doing for years now. It’s important for me to remember the things I am thankful for and to give gratitude. When you give your thanks and gratitude, you get more things to be thankful and grateful for.

Little things … when added up become BIG things. Nothing is ever wasted when done with love.

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