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Day 13 of 28 Days of Love!

Fathers don’t get enough credit. I know because I took mine for granted. I always thought he’d be there, you know? And then one day … he wasn’t.

13 years ago, my Dad died very unexpectedly from a massive hemorrhagic stroke/bleed. It’s a weird position to be in to be a parent to your parents and to make the decision to make him a DNR, but to keep him alive until my brother from out of state could see him. It was amazing the way it all played out, as this norepinephrine drip ran out just as my brother arrived … and we were all able to be in the ICU as he passed. It’s not like that any more with the strict hospital visiting policy rules.

Even though he technically passed on Valentine’s Day, the day before is the real day my dad died.

My dad was the nicest guy. He deeply cared for his family. He was the only brother in a sea of 5 sisters and they loved him so! He sang off key, danced to the beat of his own drum, and told jokes that had a ruined punchline. He loved his garden so much that he gave fruits and vegetables away to everyone! He would also give you the shirt off his own back.

I wasn’t as close to my dad as many father/daughters are, but he loved me anyway, and did his best to support me always. He loved my children and was so proud of all of them!

My painting today is a combination of yellow which was my dad’s favorite color, and purple which is my favorite color. Yellow and purple are compliments to each other, which is how our relationship was.

My love shoutout for Day 13 goes out to my dad, one of the nicest, craziest little Filipino men you would ever meet. Here’s to you, Dad. I know you’re up there with Jesus, telling everyone jokes, making everyone laugh, and planting things in Heaven’s garden! I miss you and love you … Rest In Love.

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