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Day 14 of 28 Days of Love!

I cannot end day without acknowledging my own Valentine, @cnr9999.

I know that Valentine’s is a cheesy drug store ploy – one with red heart shaped cards and chocolate filled boxes. One where women swoon with expectations of professions of love. For me, I’ve always been shown that and MORE, and it’s like that every day!

I like the “cheesy” only because I like the sentiment and the shape of hearts. ♥️ I’m also a Libra so I’m a hopeful romantic underneath my rough exterior.

Enter my husband … our first date was 26 years ago at a restaurant that closed shortly after our date, eating strange food, and laughing about little old ladies who fell and caused me more charting. He told me that when he first laid eyes on me he knew I was “The One,” except he was just coming off anesthesia so he was drugged and couldn’t see clearly. Regardless, he asked me out several times until I finally relented. He turned out not to be a stalker, but instead a really nice guy. Proof: 26 years, and 3.5 children later … he has been my rock, my BFF, my number 1 fan, my love, my soft place to fall. He encourages me to be ME, and to go after my dreams and aspirations. He’s the best husband, human dad, and chicken daddy. He’s the second leader of our wild pack (I’m THE Leader LEADER). Thank you for everything you do for me to make my life/our lives better!

I love you, Big Daddy! Happy 26!

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