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Day 26 of 28 Days Of Love!

At any given moment, you can find a notebook or a journal in my purse, backpack, pocket. I’m always writing down some crazy thought, a note I want to remember, some quote, an elaborate list.

I remember being a small child and being fascinated with my mother’s stationery. I would get in trouble for stealing (borrowing) pages at a time. I began keeping and caring a notebook with me probably when I was 7 or 8. I wish I had those notebooks. I had so much angst as a child that I spent a lot of my time hiding out in my room, daydreaming, writing, drawing, doodling, dreaming on paper.

Writing relaxes me. It is my refuge. It has been my saving grace; it saved my life. I begin every morning – EVERY morning with my morning pages and gratitude list. I go through about a journal every 1.5 months (6 weeks or so). I have seen so much growth when I look through my journals. Where I once looked for answers externally, I now find all my answers within me.

My love shoutout for today goes to writing and my journals. For the peace that they have given me, and for saving my life. I am full of gratitude for the space my journals have held for me.

My painting represents the vastness of the world and how lost and small you can feel in it. Journaling allowed me to bring myself back to the here and now. It has allowed me to purge, unleash my fears and struggles, shared my hopes and dreams, expand my vision for my life, provided space for me to breathe. It’s been my biggest fan, my soft place to fall.

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