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Day 27 of 28 Days Of Love!

Full moon vibes on this 27th day.

There are so many superstitions and stories about what happens during a full moon. The crazy people come out. The werewolves come out and howl. Just all kinds of stories. Even the word lunatic is who Roman Goddess, Luna, is named after.

There is magic in the madness of the full moon. It’s a time when the Earth is right smack in-between the sun and the moon, and the moon is closet to the Earth. I say there’s a shift in the atmospheric pressure that causes the “insanity” of the full moon. I believe the full moon truly affects the behavior of some humans – blood pressures fluctuate, thoughts run rampant, behavior is irrational. Just all kinds of stuff. I’ve seen and experienced it as a nurse.

To me, the moon is beautiful. I mean, I have memories of sitting in the back seat of the car with my dad driving and me staring out the window and believing that the moon was following us! I am such a selenophile – lover of the moon.

Full moons typically represent times of completion, times to take stock of the hard work that you’ve put in and to reap what you’ve sown. It’s a time to make a list of things that you wish to release – bad habits/behaviors, things that no longer serve you, people/relationships, etc. Then take that list and release it to the Universe by placing it in a fire safe burning bowl and setting it on fire and allowing it to burn. These are just a few of my full moon rituals.

My love shoutout today goes to the beautiful full moon. Its perfect, round, glowing shape, illuminating the sky and reminding me to also shine, to be my best self, and to allow myself to shed the parts of me that no longer serve me. It’s a moment that brings me back to my childhood for a brief moment and wonder at the moon and ask if it’s following me; to bask in it’s glory and to be grateful for the moment as I exhale.

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