The Soulful Artist

Life. Art. Transcendence.

I have another side to me. I have many sides to me. I love that about myself – that I’m a multi-dimensional , multi-faceted being and I have a love for many things!

One of the many things I love is smudging! Clearing my space of any crazy, negative energy is important to me. I do it every full and new moon, anytime there’s negative energy or a bad experience. At work, I’m known to carry sage spray in my pocket and spray my assigned areas, and I also spray myself before I go into work.

There are many advantages to smudging. The smoke from smudging is a form of spiritual ritual, a sacred practice that rids spaces of negative energies, bad spirits, even bad thoughts. Smudging cleanses, purifies, blesses, and even inspires!

I smudge so much that I planted sage in my backyard! I have white sage, red sage, lavender sage, pineapple sage! The hummingbirds love them as do other birds, and the bees, butterflies, and dragonflies! it’s amazing to see them all out there flying about!

My creativity today was spent pruning my sage bushes and then making sage bouquet bundles! Interestingly enough, today or tonight is the new moon in in Aries so my bundles are out there charging under the new moon vibes! I’m looking forward to the amazing energy they will possess!

Here’s to being creative and to allowing myself to follow the nudgings of my soul! Here’s to being open about my spirituality and my witchy side!

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