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September Art Musing 9/04/2022:

My co-workers laugh at me because I’m forever asking them to save the cardboard backing from the EKG paper. There’s 2 in a pack and they just throw them away!

Initially I was using the cardboard to catch the “run off” or excess paint when I was painting. But one day I went to throw it away and saw how the once useless, ugly piece of cardboard had transformed into a beautiful piece of artwork on its own! I saw how all the colors came together to become something visually stunning, and how in the layering of paint it became something tactile that felt good to the touch. Immediately I knew that I couldn’t throw it away. I had given that crazy piece of cardboard backing life and purpose!

People are like this. We think at times that we’re just simple, blah, without purpose and we go about life quietly doing our thing. But given the chance, with time, and a little TLC, we can transform and evolve into something greater. Too many times we don’t see our worth, or the worth of others because we’re so busy and focused on other things. Take the time. Give the care. Help nurture others to show them that they matter and that they can become something great.

Many years ago – and I’m talking a lot of YEARS, I wasn’t a “new” nurse, but I was a young nurse still trying to find my way. I never dreamed of working in the ER. I was too afraid of that place. But when I floated down there to help, the Charge Nurse, Michael “MQ” saw me and my potential and convinced me that I could do it. He promised me that he would show me and teach me everything I needed to know to work in that daunting place. And he was right. He took me and molded me into the nurse that I am today. To me he is the GOAT! He was my mentor, became one of my best and greatest friends. Today is his birthday! To MQ, Happy Heavenly Birthday, Friend. I miss you and love you, and I thank you for showing me my possibility and potential.

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