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It’s been a minute … a very LOOOOONNNNG minute … since I’ve had the capacity to get in my studio and create.

I couldn’t do it, you know? With working a little overtime, and being the main caregiver/caretaker of a sick family member, even though I had the time, I didn’t have the capacity to get in there and create. It was as if I physically could not do it after taking care of everyone all day. Even though creating is a part of my daily spiritual practice and a form of self care for me, I found myself wanting to just physically sleep. So I’ve been sleeping. Literally sleeping.

In a recent journal entry, which is a huge part of my daily spiritual practice and self care, I posed a question asking what was causing me to feel disconnected, what was I missing? And the answer that I received was … Creativity.

Creativity has always allowed me that connection with my Highest Best Self, My Soul, My Spirit, God, The Universe. I made time to get into my studio today to do just that … to find that dormant part it myself that I let sleep a little too long, and I created.

I allowed my little 8 year old self to come to the surface and to play. Playing with paint, creating to my heart’s content … I heard and felt her huge sigh of relief. I felt her shoulders drop. I felt her giddy excitement. I felt her deep gratitude.

It’s what I needed to find the capacity to keep doing what I do. It’s what I needed to allow the divine back in, to work through me and bring forth what it desires to bring forth.

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