The Soulful Artist

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Day/Card 38 of 39 … Expand …

The concept of expanding is lost on some. To “expand” is to grow, to make larger. In terms of our lives, it’s to open up ourselves to more, to realize that our lives are so much more than just what’s on the surface.

You are not just your personal identity which is created in your mind by your experiences. You are your Spirit in your Human Body that grows and evolves with your body, heart, and mind. The fastest way to feel expansion? Be playful. No joke! Remember being a child and playing? Everything was easy because it was fun. And as we got older, we exchanged that playful part of us for seriousness. And what happened? We contracted. Life got “hard,” and we started to force things instead of letting life flow. We lost ourselves to work, and raising a family, we stopped playing.

The “Expand” card comes to you to remind you to PLAY! To laugh, sing, dance, not take life so seriously. When we embody our playfulness, we connect with our Divine Child, and when you do this, MAGIC happens and we expand! Our heart opens. Love flows. Life flows! Now, get out there and PLAY!

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